How taking small steps in your CAT exam preparation can help you achieve big dreams?

When you start your journey with some big goal in mind, you must start small. The goal might seem intimidating and hard to achieve, that is perhaps because of the fact that you are only thinking in terms of the massive effort you have to make to even get closer to your goal. 

If your thought continues in this direction you might never end up getting anywhere near it. You must focus on the small steps which when taken one by one would eventually lead you to your big destination. The same holds true for your IIM dreams. To get to an IIM you must crack CAT securing a good score, and to reach there you should start with your CAT preparation.

The next CAT exam is still far away, but, that should not be a reason you allow yourself to get distracted. Focus on your goal, and start your preparation now when you still have so much time to learn, practice, revise and do so much more. 

Breaking down your preparation is going to narrow down your focus and thereby allowing you to be aware of the strong and weak areas, and you can put more focus and attention on those to be well prepared. Another small but significant step would be attending all your CAT preparation online classes, so that you can get guidelines and useful tips as well as strategies that would help you successfully navigate the CAT maze. 

With every one of these steps, you start building confidence to start taking mocks, another vital step that would give you a big push. Take section-wise mock, or, full mocks it will help you understand how well prepared or, ill-prepared you are for the examination. The tests would be followed by another step that is analysis, correct analysis of the tests would enable you to find your errors and work on those so, that you can do better at your next mock and finally at CAT.

So, start taking small steps and eventually would find yourself in your dream IIM. 

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